viva-la-mode asked:
yeah at northumbria! thanks a lot that helped so much!!

No worries ah exciting see you there haha x

viva-la-mode asked:
i'm starting fashion communication in september and i've been given like a project to do by picking 4 brands and create a neatly presented sketchbook, i've chosen adidas, barbie, moet champagne and ralph lauren and i'm stressing out because i just don't know what kind of pictures to get or how to set it out and I just want it to look really good and i saw someone asked you before:) thanks for your help!x

Hey, at Northumbria?!
We did this project haha.
It sounds a lot harder than it is- also you don’t need it till the second week so a lot of people asked what they’d done once they’d met etc.

It’s literally like a a5 sketchbook full of mini mood boards.
So for Mo√ęt you’d chose pictures showing luxury and wealth for example- literally got all my pics from tumblr.

then just laid each image over the pages neatly with the same spacing between each one.

So easy!

Also included a few sketches they want to see individuality and how you interpret the task

Hope this helped xx