wildfigg asked:
hey Charlotte, I saw before you mentioned you were from London and I know that you are studying at Northumbria, jw if anything in particular made you want to study there rather than London? Need to apply to unis soon and have always wanted to study fashion communication and always thought id want to be in London (I live v near) but have recently considered the northumbria course. Would be great to have another opinion of what you thought when looking round different unis? thank you! xo

Hey Ellie sorry just seen this!
Purely tutor support and time you actually spend in uni. On a London course there’s a lot of people to see so usually it’s like 2 hours of tutor support a week or something ridiculous haha. Also my friends at uni there and travel and living costs is so expensive as you can imagine. I’ll definitely move back to London after but for now like the fact I can properly experience being a student here xxx

Anonymous asked:
Are you a model ? You've a so beautiful face... you look so perfect :)

God no haha! Thank you though very sweet x

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I've read your response to the other two questions about the FC summer brief @ NU but want to know how much should I actually do? I've done background history of the brands (really for own benefit), researched into the brands experiential shop which include images and articles, then I've thought of the brand and found images that I think represent it. Does this sound right to you? I think I'm seriously over thinking it haha x

Sounds perfect if not more than they’re asking for! The tutors are lovely and relaxed but at the same time will notice if you do more work it’s always appreciated x

Anonymous asked:
You're so amazing ! Do you have a facebook account pretty Charlotte ?

Aw thanks haha :) I do yes but it’s not used x

Anonymous asked:
How did you find freshers? I'm starting Northumbria in two weeks, move into Liberty Quay this Saturday abd I'm trying to budget really well so I don't go into my over draft and I'm not a big drinker so I'm sort of dreading it a little bit

It’s quite hard not to go out cos literally everyone else is there like woooo let’s all go !!! But I didn’t go out a lot haha. I waited till we had our course induction then met the girls I’m now friends with and arranged to go our with them during freshers- you have a way better time than randomers you live with haha.

reverie-rose asked:
Do they expect you to be good drawers on the fashion communication course at Northumbria? Because I start in September and I love fashion and the course looks great but I can't draw at all!

Hey sweet,

No no one can draw haha a lot of people didn’t even do art at school.
Don’t panic !