Anonymous asked:
What accommodation do you do at uni?

I’m not in uni accommodation anymore I live in a house with friends x

Anonymous asked:
Do you still go to uni?


lucy--wilde asked:
How did you get a job at whistles? Was the interview process hard? I really wanna apply there and zara (any fashion retail store tbh) but I havent had fashion retail experience, just retail... also do you have to just wear whistles clothing? If i ever got a job any where in retail i wouldn't have enough of their clothes to wear for shifts haha x

I handed my cv in. I didn’t have any previous retail experience but I had a old interview if I may say so myself haha. I had to prepare a moodboard for my interview. And when you work there yes you have to wear head to toe whistles but you get discount x

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a boyfriend? And if so do you find it easy juggling uni, work and having one? Theres a guy I like but I'm so busy I don't know if it would be a waste of time persuing him x

I do yes, and yeah it’s lovely actually couldn’t be better! It’s like you can work hard at uni or have an awful day etc then know you can go see him or go for some food or something, I wouldn’t worry about not having enough time it’s not like unis a 24/7 thing haha x